Constitution of associations, election of the Board of Directors and other associative bodies, regularization of non-registered directives, review and adaptation of the Statute, calls and other requirements for the validity of general assemblies, correct application of sanctioning law, drafting of assembly minutes, registration in public records, exemption from income tax of qualified associations, challenge of agreements and voting.
Administrative law. – Consulting and advice on the subject of Municipal Administrative Procedures (Municipal Licenses, Claims for Fines, Zoning Changes, Urban Authorizations, Use Compatibilities), claims before all types of administrative entities (Ministries, Regulatory Bodies, etc.), claims before utility companies, among others.
Customs law. – Application of customs regulations, special studies on customs regimes, imports, exports, admission and temporary importation, value adjustments, conflicts due to tariff classification, liquidations and the like. In addition, international agreements related to trade and customs taxation.

Civil Law and Civil Procedure:
Contractual Issues, Family, Inheritance, Persons, etc. In addition, advice on judicial processes of a civil and commercial nature, execution processes (seizures and reversals), contentious-administrative processes, Constitutional Guarantee Actions (amparo actions, popular action, unconstitutionality action, arbitration), and in non-constitutional processes. contentious.
Competition Law. – Advice on various issues related to the market and its distortions such as market access, abuse of a dominant position, monopolies, collusive practices, advertising and unfair competition, induction of contractual infringement, etc. In addition, advice and prosecution of administrative and judicial procedures.
Law of Concessions and Infrastructure. – Advice for the design and modification of the bases, analysis of the contract, its legal repercussions and its execution, as well as the relations between the concessionaire, the grantor, the regulator, final and intermediate users. The problem of fixing, modifying rates, as well as access to essential facilities in the concessions.

Labor Law
Advice related to the hiring of national or foreign collaborators, job stability, worker participation in profits, preparation and registration of work contracts, collective negotiations, safety and health issues at work, safety committees, work accidents and occupational diseases , compensation derived from the employment relationship, inspections and disciplinary proceedings for labor infractions, conciliations, collective dismissals, modification of labor relations and other administrative procedures before the labor authorities. Drafting of internal regulations and other documents required by labor regulations, review of employee registration, calculation of social and labor benefits to labor audit on labor obligations with tax incidence, social contributions and sponsorship in labor judicial processes.

Negotiations and contracts:
Consulting in public and private selection processes, preparation of proposals, formulation of consultations to the bases, review of terms of reference and model contracts, adjustment of exorbitant clauses, establishment of negotiating and/or contractual balances, guarantees, penalties, fortuitous event and force majeure, standby, etc. Special contracts, Trust, NEC3, etc.

Criminal law and criminal procedure: Advice and prosecution of judicial proceedings of a criminal nature, related to the management of company funds, fraud in the administration and fraudulent hiring, responsibility of representatives and of the company in the reparation or compensation for crimes, police investigations and fiscal intervention, constitutional guarantee actions (Habeas Corpus), etc.

Company Law
Consulting in commercial contracting and the regime of the General Law of Companies. This last aspect includes the Constitution of Companies and Branches of foreign companies, preparation of Business Collaboration Contracts (Joint Ventures, Consortia, Participation Associations), modification of Bylaws, appointment of attorneys, Business Reorganization processes (Mergers, Spin-offs, etc. ), as well as dissolution and liquidation processes, etc.

Tax law:
This area basically includes the issues of tax planning, corporate architecture, tax consulting, accounting advice, determination of tax debts. Also service for review of compliance with tax obligations, advice on tax audit processes, preparation and prosecution of administrative claims, administrative processes, contentious-administrative judicial processes, coercive collection procedures, etc.

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