Since our founding in 1992, at Rodman & Associates we focus on quality, efficiency and excellence of professionals who make it and the services we provide. We started as a consulting company in the various specialties of law, and today our action area has been expanded to also offer consulting in accounting, economics and business administration, pursuing our results in quality, efficiency and excellence.


Our goal is to keep growing, and we are convinced that the best way to achieve this is to help our clients grow. If our clients grow, we grow.

Reason by which we have strengthened our presence in the corporate aspects of large Peruvian and foreign companies, as well as organizational and managerial aspects of national and international associations, which assume their social responsibility and the preservation of the ecosystem as a fundamental element of human development.


Our vision is to remain as a leading firm in the national legal sphere with international projection, as consultants of the highest level in all areas in which we specialize, thus giving our customers the best and most direct way achieve their objectives.


Always providing the highest level consulting in all areas in which we specialize, thus giving our customers the best and most direct way to achieve their goals.


  • Excellence: We always provide a service for serious professional quality, efficient, resting on the solid basis of our experience and knowledge; pursuing excellence through teamwork, leadership specialization, constant training, all our effort and dedication.
  • Ethics: Our services are based not only on the quality of knowledge, but also in the uprightness of conscience. Contemplate the moral principles and professional ethics, alert to any possibility of conflict of interest. Our clients and cases we serve, without distinction, always receive the same interest and attention.
  • Loyalty: Professional secrecy and discretion are basic and important principles for our firm.
  • Prestige: We have managed to reach the professional prestige, being that our customers recognize our quality and experience. We favor the work and effort, and so that each of the members of our firm within each area of specialization, strives for excellence and professionalism that our company pursues.
  • Continuing Education: To maintain efficiency and high level of our study, the training of our members is important for our work philosophy and growth, in such way that complement his legal training with mastery of languages and studies of improvement.